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About Hosanna Home


Hosanna Home is not to be confused with a temporary emergency shelter. Women must first have made a personal decision to make positive changes in her life and be willing do the work necessary to accomplish those goals.

Women will find support and a sense of belonging to a family while learning about responsibility, accountability and respect for themselves and others. Hosanna Home’s goal in programming is to promote spiritual, mental and physical health while teaching successful life skills. The confidence that women find at Hosanna Home will help end the cycle of homelessness and benefit the community at large.

Our staff works with community partners to create and maintain on-going programs that are continually evaluated and upgraded to provide the best fit for the needs of each individual resident. Together we strive to accomplish the following goals:

  • Offer shelter linked with vital supportive services to women who are homeless.
  • Commit to offering the women it serves as many choices as possible to help them heal from the trauma of homelessness.
  • Assist women in their journey and encourage them to take advantage of new opportunities and resources made available through Christian programming.
  • Provide an introduction to a Biblical perspective for problem solving.
  • Meet each individual woman where she is, not where we think she should be.
  • Actively listen to and respect the journey of each individual woman - she defines her goals.
  • Focus on each woman's strengths rather than her weaknesses.
  • Assist each woman to find solutions to problems by teaching skills that provide strength for life change.
  • Provide training for successful family dynamics.

Enrollment Process

In order to become a resident of Hosanna Home each applicant must complete an application and make an appointment for an interview with the Admission Committee (comprised of House Mom, Executive Director and one Board member). Residents at Hosanna Home are scheduled for graduation within six
months after residency begins.

To be considered for enrollment at Hosanna Home, the applicant must first want help and be willing to do her part to receive it.

"We can't do God's part, God won't do our part" ~Oswald Chambers

  1. Complete an application and return it for consideration.
  2. Have in your possession and be able to bring with you a valid government issued Birth Certificate and Social Security Card
  3. Be in reasonably good health.
  4. Be willing to abide by all Hosanna Home Rules.

Click here to download the admissions policy

Click here to download a housing application

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